Folk Art has No Language

Being artistic and skillful needs no language. Neither it is restricted to any place or region. That expressive power that lies within the “skillfuls” has no boundaries and pulls the universe towards itself. Keeping aside the growth and prosperity of the urban India, our Bharat which resides and breathes in villages are not only recognized or considered as the food base of our country, but also are rich with concealed artistic talents, which until now, has not been given proper and rightful treatment. Yes, we are talking about folk art of India.

Various parts of our country narrate stories of their livelihood portraying all emotional flavours through their artistic skills. Amongst the various artistic skill sets, is the skill of expressing through visual hand painted figures drawn on the walls of the houses. Basically, people from the rural parts of our country draw images of  flora and fauna and human figures on  the walls for not only to make the house look beautiful, but also to narrate quite a lot about the daily life of that particular community. Drawing on walls is quiet an old practice performed by various sections of Bharat. To name a few are Madhubani from Bihar; Gond from central India; Warli from Maharashtra, etc.

As per the evolutionary shift, these folk art works have attracted acceptance and importance. But there are also quite a lot of communities which have not got due credit and consideration. Like Patachitra and Sohrai from Orissa and many more. The situation for some of the communities is so bleak that they do not want to pass on this rich culture to the next generation.

Cultural values and traditions are the core strengths that defines any nation and should not be forgotten. These are the pillars of our existence and thus should be retained, cherished and be made to grow with the generations.

In order to restore the value system, Vedic Creations have taken up this initiative, to showcase the various dying art forms on the global front by shifting from their depiction in the clique traditional style  to giving it a flavour of the modern world which not only makes the art work live, but also gives a satisfaction and means for the artisan to earn and wilfully pass on this rich, esteemed and priceless gift of God to the next generation. We are trying to showcase the various artwork on tops and t-shirts for girls and ladies for not only in the domestic market, but also for the World at large. Join hands to support this initiative.