HUTK – Bringing Folk Art to Apparels

Most of our Folk Art traditions are at its verge of becoming extinct. But still, there are various resources to help them out. Fashion is a major platform that has given folk art its due recognition through its creativity yet retaining its originality. India is marked by its rich traditional heritage of Folk Arts and Culture. Since the days of remote past, the diversified art & cultural forms generated by the tribal and rural people of India have continued to reveal their creative magnificence. Apart from their outstanding brilliance on aesthetics, the folk art and culture forms have played an active role in reinforcing national integrity, manifesting social cohesion, embrace communal harmony, and exacerbate value-system and finally promoting the elements of humanism among the people of the country.

HUTK is a platform which helps in unveiling the hidden talent of the artisans, living in the remotest villages of India. It has given their talent a global platform by depicting their work in the form of hand painted apparels. HUTK deals in hand painted apparels, depicting various styles of Folk Art prevalent in India like styles from Warli, Matanepachedi, Gond, Madhubani, Pithora, Kalighat and many others. Every style of painting bring forth a local flavor about the regional culture and tradition, local beliefs a creative way of expressing their inner self. The colours and symbols used in the painting have a strong spiritual context.

HUTK depicts the talent of artisans beautifully handpainted on t-shirt for girls, men, women, stylish, fancy and trendy tops for girls and long, comfortable tops for ladies. One can even buy tops and t-shirts for women and girls online. The material used by HUTK is eco friendly fabrics, so that it is comfortable to wear it in any climatic condition.