New Age Fashion – Fusion of Folk & Modern Design

Fashion is something which comes from within. Following someone blindly in apparels is not fashion. Fashion is what you wear and in which you are comfortable. Fashion, literally means a distinctive and constant trend in style in which a person dresses. It is something in which one is comfortable and looks good.

The most comfortable attire in which today’s generation feels most comfortable is t-shirts/shirts/tees/tops on jeans/shorts/skirts/pajamas. Normal shirts, t-shirts etc. are the one with printed quotations or some painting of a cartoon or some design. But HUTK provides you a unique form of t-shirts/shirts/tees/tops for girls, women and even t-shirts /shirts for men.

Currently we can say that the trend of today’s generation in t-shirts/shirts are changing. The rural artisans are also making their way in the fashion industry. Apart from the usual tees/t-shirts / shirts for men, women and girls, rural artisans are trying to bring their unique talent of hand painted apparels.

The reason for the upcoming trendy, fancy yet cultural folk art in the fashion industry can be jotted down as:

  1. The fabric used by them is eco-friendly, which is suitable in any climatic conditions
  2. Through their paintings on shirts/t-shirts/tees/tops they are able to portray the cultural heritage of India, which is still not known to the youth
  3. It is a source of livelihood to many artisans living in the remotest villages of India
  4. Every painting on the apparel has some hidden religious meaning and thus will make the people aware about various forms of art like madhubani,etc.

The design used by HUTK stands different from its contemporaries for it represents a novel blend of folk art and modern design .The patterns draws inspiration from traditional folk arts that depicts symbols replete with spiritual, cultural and esoteric meanings.